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05-684 - PVC Rowlock, Solid

PVC Rowlock, Solid. Plastic Rowlock for use on inflatables, dinghies, boats etc. HF Weldable

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Small technical drawing of 05-684 PVC Rowlock, Solid

Nominal measurements in mm


Rowlock for use on inflatables, dinghies, boats etc. Can be HF welded to PVC materials.

Can be HF welded using our electrode 07-500-0030

  • Material and geometry optimized for High Frequency (HF) welding
  • Can be ordered in other colors and materials
  • Available in versions with extended temperature range

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Order# Material Color From stock Standard Pack Proper-
Use In stock
05-684-1040 PVC
Produced to order - Call for quote
1 x 225
ShoreA 80-90
Improved low temp. performance
Ultrasonic weldable
High Frequency (HF) weldable
Gluable using Carmo Seal

mounts with:
Standalone electrodes Standalone electrodes
Standalone electrodes
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All measurements and drawings are nominal. For exact measurements - and for critical integration - please contact sales for detailed drawings. Carmo is not responsible for misprints and technical changes.

(*) Smaller quantities can be delivered on request for a repacking fee.


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Anita Andreasen
Tel.: +45 49 12 21 00
Fax: +45 49 12 21 99

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